NEW DATES for 2021!!! 

JULY 9th - 16th

September 3rd - September 10th

Brandon Peek Legendary Walleye Pose
PK with Mike Cowden & Northern Pike
Joey with BFL crew holding sticks
Canada island sunset photo BFL
PK hands up praising God
Zach Brown pointing on the boat
BFL gorgeous sunset & reflection
Zach Brown Joey and PK with Pike
BFL fishing gear laid out
Mike Silvio with PK grilling fish
BFL big tent set up and ready
Matt Barker with daily Walleye catch
BFL clear open water picture
Chris Pulley Holding a 16 in Walleye
BFL grilling out meat chicken brats
BFL orange sunset through trees
Patrick Kucera with his son Joey smiling with shades on over the creek


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Come join Patrick Kucera on a once and a lifetime journey to the great Canadian woods, catch giant fish, go swimming, and make some new Buddies For Life!

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